This is the former home of AZ Resist

Phoenix folks, please check out Charlie Parke’s listing of political events – For questions or to add events, contact – Charlie has been lovingly publishing these listings for over a decade, THANK YOU Charlie!

Tucson folks, you probably already know about the Tucson Peace Calendar – Submit an event here. For questions, contact The Tucson Peace Calendar has been around for many decades, THANK YOU Tucson Peace Center!

If you’d like to know more about what happened to AZ Resist, please read this statement. After the hostile takeover of AZ Resist, we sent the above statement to local community leaders, with the assumption that all would respond in whichever way they decided was best (AZ Resist has since changed its name to ‘AZ Roots Political Calendar’).

Our hope in sharing the above statement was and is to encourage continued dialogue and examination of white privilege, white fragility, and white savior mentalities within our communities.

A few resources:

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Showing Up For Racial Justice – National

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